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東京のdeath/thrash/gore metalバンド、 ZOMBIE RITUALのオフィシャルサイト
Live Undertakers (Gezol Version) (Sabbat)
Live Undertaker
Live Undertakers (Gezol Version)
played by Sabbat(Japan)

HMSS Records/Painkiller Record

1. Black Fire
2. Poison Child
3. Hellfire
4. Envenom Into The Witch's Hole
5. Envenom Into The Witch's Hole - Performed By ZOMBIE RITUAL
Night of the Zombie Party(1st Full-length album)

Night of the Zombie Party
More Info : RAZORBACK records

1. Zombie Ritual
2. Zombie Fire
3. Zombified
4. Zom-Beer
5. Zombies Devour You Alive
6. Brains For Zombies
7. Zombie Axe Massacre
8. Zombie Party
9. Zombie Drive
10. Zombie Legions Kill! Kill!
11. Die Zombies Die
12. Zombie Metal War